A Halloween Party at the Village Hall, Brome, Suffolk - 31st October 2014

A children's Hallowe'en party is organised at Brome Village Hall. Despite being, for an adult, somewhere on "level six" of the Dante Circles of Hell™ scale, it's well organised with entertainment, lots of party food and carved pumpkins and the children really enjoy it.

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Harry points at pumpkins

The entertainer does her thing

Fred's little gang

Harry and the girls

Cool pumpkin

A bat made out of a bog roll

Harry and Fred, looking like it's the 1970s

Pumpkins and milling around

The bar area

Fred eats a sausage

Sophie looks up

A spidery cup cake

Impressive cup-cake decoration

Chickens and Ellie look over

The boys are back on Wortham Ling

There's a bicycle in a hedge

The van

Fred does a bit of 'off road'

Harry unleashes his baby blues

Evening on Wortham Ling

The sun sets

Fred does a great picture of a Saturn V

Fred does more pictures of 'space'

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Harry points at pumpkins