Late October Miscellany: A bomb-scare and Fred does Building, London and Suffolk - 30th October 2014

The area around Liverpool Street Station is cordoned off by Das Polizei, on account of a suspcious vehicle, as Nosher rocks up. Luckily, the roads are opened up shortly afterwards in time to catch the train home. Then, The Boys drop Isobel off at Stansted airport as she heads off on a two-week trip to Berlin and Dublin. Finally, Fred helps out with building a step for the garage.

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A pair of right horse's arses on Old Broad Street

Coming back from work, Old Broad Street is closed off

A police car blocks off access to Bishopsgate

Hundreds of people stream up Bishopsgate, seconds after it's re-opened

People mill around on the closed-off Bishopsgate

Isobel and The Boys walk in to Stansted Airport

A load of eyes stare out from a stack of newspapers

Harry's got a 'Mike the Knight' kit

Fred gets a hug

Isobel wanders off

Fred on the ramp down to the station and short-stay carpark

At a BB's practice in Burston BOCM Pavillion, Jo hands out cake

Harry with a piece of paper pizza

Harry makes stuff in the back room

Millie the Mooch photo-bombs

One of Nosher's pancakes explodes

We set up a tent for something to do

Fred helps out

Fred helps to excavate for lumps of concrete and tile

Down in Diss, the new empty Aldi is exposed

A new path is laid outside Aldi

The new Aldi

Over Morrison's car park, a hundred gulls take flight

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A pair of right horse's arses on Old Broad Street