On The Beach Again, Southwold, Suffolk - 12th October 2014

A bit of a round-up featuring building works in Diss, a double rainbow and a trip to our favourite beach, at Southwold

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Down at the Mere in Diss, the diggers are out

Mere's Mouth is closed off whilst the fence around the edge is repaired

Elswhere, the former Fine Fare/Gateway/Co-op is turned in to an Aldi

A massive thunderstorm rumbles over Attleborough way

Dark skies up north

A stunning double rainbow is spotted out of the office window

A rainbow reflected in an open Velux window

The double rainbow lands in the field out the back

More rainbow action

Hawthorn hedge in the sun

Fred considers the sea at Southwold

Building sandcastles

Southwold beach

Fred tips some water back in to the sea

Isobel and the boys mess around as people stroll on the promenade

Sand creature

Looking down over the goynes towards Sizewell

A composite photo showing the striking grading of pebbles across the intertidal zone. All three are taken from the same height

An old stump from a long-gone groyne stands in the sand

Rusting iron in wood

Fred and Harry - The Boys

Harry waves his spade at stuff

A bit of fish skeleton

Harry's feet in the sand

The boys run around on the beach

Harry - the (not so) Baby Gabey

People on the beach

Fred scoots around

A discarged battered sausage looks like a massive poo or a deep-fried donkey willy

A large mural of sometime local resident George Orwell

Gabes climbs out of a Postman Pat van

Fred on some climbing apparatus

Weathered beach hut

The squirrels around out in the garden, stealing nuts

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Down at the Mere in Diss, the diggers are out