A September Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 19th September 2014

A round-up of September: from the streets of London to trackside graffiti via the unique hell that is Thurrock Ikea on a weekend, to various forms of cycling.

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Down at Diss, Station Cat does the rounds

At Ipswich, there's lots of new track being laid. Diggers have been adapted for the purpose so they can drive on the tracks

More converted digger action

On the corner of Marshalsea Road and Southwark Bridge Road in London, an inlaid sign reads 'Tat' (the 'E' for Tate having been knocked off)

A load of old office chairs have appeard in the bike shed at work

Outside Place Farm in Stuston, there's an amazing crop of Shaggy Ink Caps

Fred's old nursery: Peacocks

Fred makes some 'monster' toe nails for his feet.

A blurry Harry with false teeth

Fred's cardboard pet 'Can Koala' and his bed made of underpants

Morning sun and a little-used bike path around the roundabout near the golf course in Stuston

More silver graffiti near Seven Kings

A huge silver graffiti tag near Liverpool Street

Boots the Chemist on Old Broad Street in London moves up the road.

A pile of shiny steel tubes, formed from a stack of chairs

An old Class 37 loco hauls a Network Rail 'flying banana'

The bike club mills around outside the Beaconsfield Arms in Occold

Not quite 'contra jour', but 'contra sodium lamp'

One of Fred's cardboard robot people

Isobel and Gabes head towards Ikea at Thurrock

Fred and Harry take a seat

The Boys test out more furniture

Harry cheekily sits in amongst the display sofas

Funky lights in the Ikea café

Harry and Fred wait, as Isobel returns with chips and hotdogs

Harry and Fred on a trolley

The tomato plants at Platform 1, Diss Station (grown from seeds pooed out by a passenger) are doing well

A bloke waves a magnetometer around over the complex mess of markings on the road outside the Libertine pub in Southwark

The NatWest Tower - now known more mundanely as 'Tower 42'

Graffiti near Stratford

More colourful graffiti

Some under-bridge graffiti

'Wows' graffiti

Graffiti on a substation, near the Olympic Park in Stratford

Near St. Pauls in London, the Met roam around on horseback

Fred goes out for his fourth ride on the road

Derelict-looking, but inhabited house, Brome Street

Harry points

Fred cycles around outside the village hall in Brome

On Thursday, the Saga Group heads off on a bike ride to Mellis

Isobel on her bike, heading to Thrandeston

The bike club sit on the world's longest bench in Mellis

Railway crossing, Mellis

the Mellis Railway Tavern

Amusing quote in the gents' bogs, Mellis Railway

Evening conversation by a sodium glow

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Down at Diss, Station Cat does the rounds