The Framlingham 10k Run, Suffolk - 31st August 2014

Isobel, despite having not run much for a few weeks, decides to enter the Framlingham 10 kilometer Race along with Katrina (who is Wave-less today). Nosher and The Boys tag along too to watch the events.

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Crowds and musicians assemble in Framlingham's market place

Fred holds something up as he hides in a tree

A Samba band get ready

The first runners come by

A bloke who looks a bit like Phil Collins runs past

Samba and running

Isobel throws over an un-needed top

A hundred plastic cups of water await

Water is handed out to the runners

One of the younger entrants

Cups of water are offered up

The 'last runner' marshall cycles past

Even the dog's watching

The 10k runners come round for the second time

A river runs off it

This runner - 'Wazza' - misses his mouth by a bit

Isobel comes round again clutching Fred's cycle bottle

Runners up the hill past the church

The final stretch, hand in hand

The colourful Samba band have moved to the playing field

Harry and Fred do their running bit

Gabes runs about

Fred does a hand/head-stand

More samba

Isobel comes in to the finish line

One of the oldest runners crosses the line

A lovely Austin-Healey 3000 trundles by

Some prizes are handed out

Coffee and cake

Milling crowds after the race

Meanwhile, Katrina has a puncture

Katrina sticks her repaired wheel back on

Katrina and Isobel

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Crowds and musicians assemble in Framlingham's market place