Singing at the Gislingham Flower Festival, Suffolk - 24th August 2014

Isobel's singing group are doing a bunch of sessions at Gislingham Church, alongside the flower festival. Along with the Leeds contingent, we head over to see them in action. But first, we scope out the new bits of The Oaksmere, as the restaurant and cocktail bar are now open.

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Fred, Harry and Isobel roam around in the new sunken garden

Harry legs it, as usual

Harry and Fred are once more fascinated by the well

Harry, after his lunch

Fred does a comedy face

Isobel pauses for a photo

A Lego dude has come along for the ride

The boys hang around in the garden with the Leeds Massive

Isobel giggles at the back of the church

Mel, Fred, Emily and Harry

The choir-master really gets in to it

More singing action

Harry watches from Grandad's shoulders

Some flower arrangements

A hug flower display around the fount

Death's head scroll

Milling around outside the church

Isobel roams around in skinny red jeans

Fred and Sophie mess around

Summer roses

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Fred, Harry and Isobel roam around in the new sunken garden