Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk - 17th July 2014

It's another session for the Camper Van at nearby Latitude Festival. This year, Isobel encourages some of the "Mommy Mafia" to come along too, which makes things a little easier as the flock of children can entertain themselves to some extent, and also this year we're parked right by the festival edge of Family Campervans, which saves on the thousand-mile yomp between camp and venue. There is however the added complication that the Friday night clashes with a BBs gig in Banham, so Nosher brings the bike along and cycles the 28-ish miles back home in 30º+ heat to do the gig, before catching the bus back from Diss station the next day.

next album: Bob and Berenice's 50th Wedding Anniversary, Hinton Admiral, Dorset - 25th July 2014
previous album: The Open Education Challenge, Barcelona, Catalonia - 13th July 2014

Fred and Harry settle in by eating

There's a three-day fad of Loom Bands

Megan's 'flag' blows around in the breeze

Rachel's pizza is getting slightly brulée on the bottom

Harry has some upside-down milk

Fred doesn't look too comfortable under a pile of girls

Campsite by dusk

We assemble for the first foray down to the festival

The return of the ferris wheel

Fred and Isobel go round the wheel

Harry's asleep

The next day, the sun beats down as we head down to the festival

Fred's pinned to the ground

The 'kids zone'

Fred looks up the mouth of a massive model Plesiosaur

Bubbles are everywhere

Rachel, Fred and Isobel do some massive bubbles

Rachel seems to be getting the hang of it

Fred inspects a large spiky hedgehog

A few Latitude sheep

We set up camp under a tree near the Obelisk Arena

Elsewhere, there are yet more bubbles

Festival crowds

An unexpected treat of Paul Heaton (Housemartins, Beautiful South) going through his greatest-hits catalogue

Paul Heaton and band

Cool wooden sculpture

On the ride back to Eye, one of several hydration stops is in Walpole, opposite the Old Bell Inn

Picture-postcard scene in Walpole

Old K6 phone box

The Stradbroke Spar has closed down

Back at Latitude, Harry tries to climb over a fence

Harry's hat

Some sort of re-spray occurs

The main stage is featuring Booker T. Jones, out of the MGs

Guitar action on the big screen

Loud towels

Festival goers

Fred (with new hat) and Isobel

The 6Music stage

Bright green wigs

1980s MOR legends Hall and Oates

Back on the Obelisk stage, Greg Dulli and The Afghan Wigs perform a stonking set

Greg Dulli

The rest of the 'Wigs'

A bit of impromptu crowd acrobatics goes on

Hanging out in the woods

Occasional TV data-scientist and statistician David Spiegelhalter

The boys eat squeezy yoghurts back at the tent

Amusing info board

Isobel and Fred in an amusing picture

The helter-skelter

View of Latitude looking towards the Obelisk Arena

More festival crowds

Whilst live music swirls all around, some people remain totally absorbed by their phones

Fred's got his cans on

It still looks faintly ridiculous taking a photo with a tablet, even if the sunset is rather good

Evening crowds watch Damon Albarn

IT's all going nuts down at the bubble shop

Bubble Inc's shop is like a magnet

The bubbles with smoke in them are particularly popular

We catch the end of a fire show

The van behind's awning is the casualty of very heavy overnight rain

Fred and Harry eat sausages

Grace, Alice and Fred fly model aircraft around

The path in has turned a bit muddy after the rain

Festival wellies are out

Elsewhere, someone is drying out their trainers

A piano in a field

More crowds

The gang swells in numbers

Gabes and Sophie dance around like lunatics

Group photo

Sarah, Rachel, Isobel and Megan

Daisy Victoria looks serious

The appreciative crowd watch Daisy

Harry bops around on Isobel's shoulders

Daisy and Sam

Daisy does some post-gig chatting

Nearby, an escaped ballet troupe do some interactive dancing

These Ghosts tear it up in the Alcove

A bin is sloightly on the huh

Daisy shows off the Loom Band that Fred made for her

Fred comes back from a trip to the loo and says Hi to Daisy (he's a big fan)

Latitude's multi-coloured sheep

Some straw-bale acoustic is filmed

A big winged thing is hauled around

Fred gets an interesting intro to geology

Fred holds out a lump of very shiny rock

A nice collection of rock specimens

Fred shows off one of his 'making' creations

Harry pauses for a drink

His roams around in his 'Sex Pistols' tee shirt

Fred looks surprised under a tree

A (literlly) hand-painted blanket

The rubbish quickly builds up

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Fred and Harry settle in by eating