St. Peter and St. Paul's School Summer Fete, Eye, Suffolk - 12th July 2014

This year, Isobel is part of the "Friends of Eye" team organising the Eye School Summer Fete. It's 1940's themed and features Clive "Chickens" Stevens' WWII military vehicles and local D-Day veteran Alan King, of Stradbroke British Legion, as well as "Splat the Rat", with rat made by Fred out of an old sock. The turnout is good and the fair raises over £2,000.

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Chickens' truck and some bazooka boxes

Clive rugs up

Clive tests his oxygen mask

Clive checks himself in the wing mirror

A school choir performs

Alex lifts a massive cake

Helen and Gilly's stall

Fred swings about on a tyre

Clive chats about airfields

Bric a brac stall

Children do a maypole thing

The maypole tangling gets a bit more complicated

'Checkpoint Charlie' has a wartime poster stuck up on it

Parents are hauled in for a maypole session

Fred shows off his shin tatoo to local D-Day veteran Alan King

Fishing for ducks

The caretaker gets a sponging

More wet sponging action

Dress-up contestants, including Suey (right) line up for judging

The children get sweets

Alan King chats to the entrants as Isobel looks on

A young USAAF airman shakes hands with Alan King

More chatting

Alan King gets an unexpected splash of bright red lipstick

Suey has a chat

Harry - Baby Gabey - tries to give Amelia a sweet or something

Blowing bubbles from the top of the 'Splat the Rat' ladder

Mark Bullimore, Diss Express photographer, roams around

A load of wellington boots

Gabes roams around looking for trouble whilst armed with a wheelbarrow

Floating plastic ducks

Back home, the Splat the Rat sock-rat has survived its ordeal

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Chickens' truck and some bazooka boxes