Thrandeston Pig, Suffolk - 29th June 2014

It's the annual Thrandeston Hog Roast thrash on Thrandeston Little Green in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. The day starts with lashing rain, although at least it's warm and the rain clears just in time for the arrival of the vintage tractors and a session of tug o' war.

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Fred and Harry roam around in the rain

Steam traction-engine 'Oliver' trundles along

Oliver the engine

Fred's enjoying messing around in the rain

Grandad and Harry

The Boy Phil trundles over the green

The boys splash around in a puddle

Sheltering from the rain

The Boy Phil's bike is carefully left out for a bit of a wash

Fred looks like he's doing some sort of Masonic ritual

The first of the vintage tractors arrives

Rainbow umbrella

Oak and Fred mess about

Harry points at the puddle

Jessica takes Harry off for a walk

A restored Special Edition Ferguson

Hog is served

A line-up of red Massey-Fergusons

Harry plays with a number plate

Team Thrandeston take up the rope

Team Diss get stuck in

Taking the strain

Fred has a go

Fred and Harry are pinned down by the rope

Harry wanders off with rope in hand

It's girls versus boys

Isobel joins in

The traction engine 'Oliver' rumbles off down the lane

Uncle Mick looks over

Team Diss carry away their winner's booty

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Fred and Harry roam around in the rain