Isobel's Race For Life, Chantry Park, Ipswich - 11th June 2014

Isobel's running training and the use of "FryLight" as a replacement for olive oil all pay off when "Race For Life" kicks off at Chantry Park in Ipswich. Isobel's with the Diss Slimming World Ladies as they complete their 10km/6 mile run around the park.

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Back home, a load of caterpillars are eating the Bok Choi

Amelia comes over for tea, in front of the fully-tiled extension

Warm-up excercise in Chantry Park

A small boy looks out over the crowd

A selfie occurs

The Air Cadet girls set off some party-poppers-on-steroids

Streamers fly through the air

Milling throngs

A bunch of 'pink ladies' wave off

The runners pass Chantry House and back

Harry bounces around on a Bouncy Castle

Everybody's walkin' the dog

Fred and his ten-minute-chum climb a tree

Isobel (right) and the Diss SW Ladies

Isobel does a bit of a Usain Bolt as she points to Fred in a tree

The ladies come back past Chantry House

Isobel runs up for a kiss

Finishing-line action

A bloke in a wig passes off as a woman

Some major finishing-line relief

A pushchair walker comes in

Isobel and the SW Ladies cross the line

Fred looks on as some 'warm down' exercises occur

Nosher ligs a photo of the 'Cheeky Chimpettes' group

A lone runner trots past Chantry House

Harry's in a tree

Harry unleashes his 'inner roar'

Fred and Harry, sitting in a tree, f-i-g-h-ti-n-g (well, not in this case)

The goods yard by Hadleigh Road

Lots of new track is being laid and new overhead lines installed in the Hadleigh Road depot

Derelict warehouse on Paul's Road, off London Road, Ipswich

1930s warehouse, Paul's Road

As a post-run treat, we head off to Pizza Express at Cliff Quay in Ipswich

Isobel and Harry

Isobel gets too cold, so we move inside

Fred is 'Pizza Man'

Nosher's pizza arrives. Yay!

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Back home, a load of caterpillars are eating the Bok Choi