A selfie in the mirror with the newish camera

A selfie in the mirror with the newish camera

Boris - Stripey Cat - looks up

Fred is a good list-holder-upper in Morrisons

The big house near the school gets some work

Diss Rugby Club's club house

The BBs, with John and Mikey depping, set up

John the deputy bass twangs away

A load of fizz glasses are prepared

John, Mikey and Henry by the bar

We hang around outside, with the guests

A load of H's on the pitch

The band hides in the hedge for a passing car

The band walk up Bellrope Lane

Rob chats to someone in a passing car

Rob's pint of foaming cold lager

A fluffy contrail in the sky

A sign with an identity crisis

Henry changes to his drum shoes

Rob checks his phone

The band is in another changing room

An abandoned Christmas Tree

Hery warms up on practice pads

Rob finds the linesman's flags

Jo chats to Henry

Jo looks up as Henry practices

Grandad and the boys eat tea in the garden

Two green K6 phoneboxes behind the Royal Exchange

Wellington in front of the Bank of England

There's a chunky crane on Cannon Street

Cranes loom high over the Bloomberg development

The YZA stone-blower train at Manningtree

Graffiti under the bridge at Stratford

The burnt-out building

The huge lifting hoist at the Crossrail dig

A view of the City of London

The amazing graffiti wall has been painted over

The former home of the pink graffiti monster

Nosher is vaguely reflected in a passing train

Someone reads amongst the cable reels outside work

In the office, there's a robot Android