Sis and Matt Visit, Suffolk and Norfolk - 31st May 2014

Nosher's Sis and brother-in-law come up from Devon to visit the boys for a couple of days - just in time for a welcome beer up the Cornwallis, followed the next day by a trip to Norwich and dinner out.

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Sis and Matt in the Cornwallis bar

Uncle Matt's been busy with one of his great Lego creations

Matt's lego dragon

Matt looks up something on his pooPad

The final layer of render is complete

Sis carves up a monster home-made 'weekend loaf'

Sis hows off her slicing skills

Breakfast o'clock

Fred and Matt do some Meccano making

The gang stroll up Gentleman's Walk in Norwich

Some dude makes a pavement dog out of sand

Sis and Matt on Gentleman's Walk

A nice contrast of strawberries and gooseberries

Norwich market

Fred peers over the edge

Fred leans on a wall at Lamb's Inn Lane

You'd look fed up too if you had a pigeon pooing on your orb

Fred stands on a granite stool

A bicycle headlight, whose chrome is nicely flaked away

Harry - reflected in a shop window

Sis, Matt and Fred in Cafe Nero

Norwich coffee shop

Isobel, Fred and Sis caught out at the pick'n'mix stall

The old Norwich Union clock on Surrey Street

An old dude walks past the former Norwich Union head office

The angled glass panels in the Norwich bus Station waiting room all reflect different things, like a picture gallery

A demolished building

Strolling up the road to the Cornwallis

The Cornwallis walled garden is not quite like it was for our wedding in 2010

Harry looks around

One of many small reliefs on the bar ceiling

Fred has a 'wall strop' as Peter Rabbit is wheeled out to try and give the boys something to occupy them

Harry and Fred engrossed

Sis hauls Harry down the lane

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Sis and Matt in the Cornwallis bar