The BBs at Wingfield and a May Miscellany, London and Suffolk - 28th May 2014

A round-up of mostly the BBs at Wingfield and a Thursday bike ride out to the Gislingham Six Bells

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On Cannon Street in London, a very old Routemast bus trundles past

Rob gets the Scrabble out

Rob starts off as he means to go on

Jo adds a word as Max looks over

Polling Station signs

The band all pitch in

Outside, it's raining, so the caterers improvise with plastic bags

The oh-so-mature finished Scrabble board

More hanging around

It's time to start setting up

The cup holders in the van are put to good use

The band hang about in the mobile 'Green Room'

In London, a cherry picker looks like it's driving in to the side of a concrete column, 10 metres up

This scene on a field in Mellis looks lmost like an old oil painting

More cows at Mellis

The Boy Phil and Isobel outside the Six Bells at Gislingham

Nosher stops for a wee, as part of the other group heads off down the Mellis straight

Matthew, Alan and Paul

At Mellis, there's a cool installation with a chicken-wire figure playing a derelict piano

The inter-city to London rumbles through

The Boy Phil and Isobel on the world's longest bench

Phil hangs around

A bicycle sculpture

Isobel saddles up outside the Mellis Railway Tavern

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On Cannon Street in London, a very old Routemast bus trundles past