A Return to Bedford: the Brome Swan Cycle Club Annual Weekend Away, Shefford, Bedfordshire - 10th May 2014

After a gap of 12 years, the BSCC returns to The Airman Hotel near Shefford, a few miles out of Bedford, for its annual away-weekend. The route is about 30 miles long and passes through Ireland, past the famous Cardington airship hangars (one of which is being deconstructed), up to Blunham for lunch, then down via the vicinity of Moggerhanger to Northill, past the Shuttleworth collection, through Old Warden and back.

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Shock! Alan plays Stick Game

Fred and Harry get the beers in

Harry and his high-end fish fingers

Colin racks 'em up

Isobel cues up

Harry roams around on the pool table

Fred runs dowen to corridor to our room

Harry does some radiator calisthenics

Breakfast o'clock

Harry amongst the breakfast tables

Fred racks up

Harry does what he does best: picks his nose (and eats it)

DH roams around

Colin and Jill get their bikes ready

A group photo

The first of a million stops

Suey and Isobel pause for a photo in Ireland

A lovely bluebell wood

Another stop to check directions

The group disappear over the top of the massive hill down to Cardington

The truly massive Cardington airship hangars

Harry and Isobel

Alan cycles past

There's a nice spot of off-roading through the woods

Yet another stop to consult maps

A curious dovecote

Snoopy and Woodstock on a ramshackle garage door

Isobel (and a hidden Harry)

A brutalist form of bus shelter

Gabes and Isobel arrive at the lunch pub in Blunham

Nosher and Fred

Fred can't believe his luck as he gets a bouncy castle to, er, bounce around on

getting the beers

Paul looks over as Fred slurps on a purple Fruit shoot

Pub stop number two, in Northill

Fred hares about on a climbing frame modelled on a helicopter

Harry - Baby Gabey - does some climbing

DH has a go on the slide

Suey and Fred in the helicopter

DH and The Boy Phil

The pub has an amazing (and increasingly rare) copper bar

Entertaining wiring - the earth bonding isn't even connected to anything

That most quintessential of English things: a village cricket match in full swing

At the Brewery Tap in Shefford: proper old boozer

Marc appears

The Boy Phil has swapped reading the paper for reading his phone

Paul is all lit up

DH looks like one of those saints from a mediaeval stained-glass window

The early group have abandoned their bikes in a heap back at the hotel

The modern baby-sitter: a pooPad and episode of Peter Rabbit

Alan at the bar

Peter Rabbit proves to be rather popular

Pre-dinner drinks

Harry looks around

The bike group do dinner

On the last morning, our breakfast table is laid out

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Shock! Alan plays Stick Game