New silver graffiti on the wall

New silver graffiti on the wall

A big 'Bam' tag

Another new tag: Bish

More London trackside

The scrap yard is having a burn up

The shell of a demolished building

The space where a building used to be

The rails into the west side of Liverpool Street

Concrete supports under the Broadgate Development

Liverpool Street underground is closed

London Wall is unusually busy

Waiting at the lights to cross London Wall

There are more business suits than usual

Factory buildings at Brantham

Twisty pipes

A Network Rail dude stands around

A derelict warehouse

Brantham factory site in the rain

Swathes of wet concrete

The shell of a former office building

Brantham wasteland

Derelict buildings on the other side of the rails

At work, there's an inflatable ping-pong dinosaur

Helal hauls the inflatable dinosaur around

Lucy pretends to give a speech

There's a lot of traffic on Southwark Bridge Road

A convoy of rozzers steams up the road

Lucy stands on America Street

The America Street railway arches

A very short section of bunting on a wall

The Shard

Lucy under the arches

On Southwark Street by the smarties lights

An underground lair on Southwark Street

The mudflats and river at Manningtree

Curious derelict buildings in the trees

Heavily graffiti'd corrugated iron buildings

Derelict factories

Nature slowly takes over the derelict site

A tangle of pipes and broken trees

A stone-clad wall

A derelict corrugate warhouse, with Quir tags