Isobel's Fun Run, Hartismere High, Eye, Suffolk - 23rd March 2014

Isobel's been running for five weeks so decides to join in with the Sainsbury's Sport Relief 2014 Games for her first "group" run. The three-mile run, with about 60 participants (some of whom just do the first part of the route), leaves Hartismere High School's dance studio for a trot around the extensive playing fields and across in to Eye itself, before returning to the school for the finish.

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The curious sight of builder's feet dangling in mid-air

Milling around in the sports hall, pre race

There's a warm-up session to start with

Some bizarre ear pulling

Touch your toes (now make a pose)

Stretch 'till it hurts

At the starting line, the run is about to kick off

And they're off - Isobel waves on the way past

Fred does some running around in his own unique style

Isobel bounces around the playing field

The runners trundle off towards Eye

Gov's dad does some videoing

There's a definite race going on here

Mr. Sport Relief comes in for the finish

A family run

Nosher shamelessly ligs one of the Diss Express photographer's shots

Fred roams around the trees

Applause for a finisher

Isobel completes her run

A medal and a bottle of water

Back in the sports hall, Gabes has a balloon

Harry checks himself out in a mirror

Harry eats Old Ladies' cake in the van

Back in the garden, a hoverfly is caught

Opening blossom on an Apricot tree

The extension and bit of the old house have been rendered

Harry in a push-along car

Nosher sticks some floor down in the garden room

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The curious sight of builder's feet dangling in mid-air