A Day Out at Duxford, Cambridgeshire - 9th March 2014

It's the day after John and Caroline's wedding in Melbourne. Seeing as we're staying at Whittlesford, which is only about a mile away from the Imperial War Museum's outpost at Duxford, it would be churlish not to visit.

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Firstly, an escaped photo from another set, as Isobel's train heads off to London

Typical Audi fascist: some completely rubbish parking at Morrisons in Diss

Harry checks out the breakfast menu at the Hotel

The Boys watch a bit of telly

The chapel of St. John the Baptist, a.k.a the Duxford Chapel

Our hotel for the night - a Holiday Inn

The first port of call at Duxford IWM - a Polaris ICBM

Fred, Isobel and Gabes mill around under a Sunderland flying boat

Isobel and Harry under a mighty Lancaster bomber

The needle nose of Concorde

Concorde's starboard engine bay, where two Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus engines would have lurked

Concorde and the Lancaster

Meanwhile, in an adjacent hall, 'Quilt World' takes place

Fred has a go of some interactive exhibits

The pre-production Concorde's flight deck

Isobel inspects an English Electric Lightning

Fred looks at a Shackleton Mark 3 (his grandad used to fly Mark 2's)

Fred in the working aircraft hangar

A Spitfire in bits

B-17 'Memphis Belle' is in for a spot of maintenance

Harry and Fred trundle along the wall of the café

A Boeing Stearman does a bit of a display

Stearman in flight

Harry flies around like an aeroplane

The Stearman taxis in

Fred also runs around like an aeroplane

Duxford's control tower

An Airspeed Ambassador

Fred and Harry are stuck by a large herd of Boy Scouts coming the other way

The flight deck of a Bristol Britannia

A Monarch Airline's Bristol 175 Britannia

Fred stands in front of a Spitfire

A very orange-nosed De Havilland Vampire Trainer

A big stack of 'car park full' signs

Fred points up to the sky

One of the original WW2 hangars

Another Spitfire, in its original home

Nosher is amused by the icon depicting 'no barbeques'

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Firstly, an escaped photo from another set, as Isobel's train heads off to London