A Late January Miscellany - 25th January 2014

Annette - one of Isobel's "Ross Street Gang" in Cambridge and from Australia via Liege in Belgium, is over to visit, so Isobel arranges to meet up with Matt and Emma in the Hoxne Swan for a spot of lunch. There's also some building randomness.

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The Shard, as seen from the office window, explodes with rays of light

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the DVT on the 15:35 at Diss has been well tagged with graffiti

Coach B on the mainline London-Norwich train has also got a bit of graffiti on it

Meanwhile, Fred's made a robot body and a sword out of cardboard

Fred and the sword

Fred after his swimming lesson at Archbishop Sancroft school in Harleston

In the Hoxne Swan, Gabes reaches over for the salt

Harry does some sketching

The Cambridge posse

The Swan's big open fire

Matt and Fred do some Lego™

Fred with a Lego/soldier construction

The building project trundles slowly on - the roof of the side extension takes shape

Up at the Swan, Sylvia manages to get a head on a pint of cider

The office in its 'Cellotex' phase

More scaffolding goes up

The downstairs bit of the garage is virtuall finished, apart from the doors

The office has been boarded out

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The Shard, as seen from the office window, explodes with rays of light