The old house wall is battened out

The old house wall is battened out

A bit of the old 1958 extension brickwork

Electrical cables run down the wall

Collimated screws look like an ammo belt

Bryan sticks some plasterboard up

Covered-up wiring

The space where the pantry will be

Floor sockets

Boris - Stripey Cat - looks worried

Wiring to Consumer Unit two of three

Henry, Max and Jo round the back of the pavilion

Our first attempt is not rock'n'roll enough

Isobel makes an appearance

Jo leans, as Max makes a face

Rob and Max roam around the woods

Jo with Rob's legendary leopard-skin guitar case

A test shot of the band in the trees

Nosher joins in

Band in the trees

Jo hugs Rob's guitar

The band in black and white

Roaming around BOCM Pauls' yard

The band lean on a galvanised gate

A change of scene

Rob pretends to push Jo into Max

The photo that makes it as the poster

The legendary BBs

The band roam around outside BOCM Pauls

Henry lounges on the bar

We try some sort of Victoriana scene