It's midnight as the gang gets ready for bed

It's midnight as the gang gets ready for bed

Isobel shows Harry the way to bed

Fred and Harry run off down the corridor

Isobel gives Harry a lift to breakfast

Harry stuffs his face with cereal

Harry pokes a finger in his ear, as he is wont to do

Isobel has a coffee

Harry in his Skellington suit

Harry climbs the stairs

It's morning, and the boys roam around

The boys watch telly

The boys open the door to reception

In Spreyton, there's a war raging over 'dog po'

Mother and the gang do Saturday lunch

Harry gets Isobel to blow on a hot potato

Mother potters around in the kitchen

Fred shows off a Lego creation

Fred builds Lego in the hall

Isobel in the Tom Cobley

Isobel waits for more beer

A Galilean thermometer

One of Fred's Lego dudes

Fishy stained glass

In Grandma J's lounge

The view from Mother's garden

Fred and Grandma J outside the aquarium

Fred and Gabes look in to a rock pool

Funky flat fish floundering

Anemones wave their tentacles around

An octopus squirms around

More swimming fish

Another spotty flatfish

A delicate jellyfish floats about

Yellow fish tails

A Clownfish in anemones

Stripey spiky fish

A spotty Moray Eel - Grumpy Fish

Another very spotty fish

Isobel in the gift shop

Isobel and Mother in the shop

Fred and Grandma

Outside the National Aquarium in Plymouth

Sutton harbour, Barbican

Pleasure cruisers have replaced fishing boats

Grandma J and Isobel scope the menu in The Ship

Mother and Fred in The Ship Inn

What used to be the Barbican Wine Lodge

Barbican back street and bins

A pair of folorn-looking K6 phone boxes

Wet cobbles on the Barbican

Mother, Isobel and Fred on the Barbican

Time for ice-cream

Fred steps up for ice cream

Isobel gets a coffee

A cliché photo of 'Smeaton's Willy'

A graffiti'd shelter on Plymouth Hoe

The stripey but derelict-looking Tinside Lido

Tinside Lido

Harry eats fish fingers

Nosher's 1986 pic of the old Harrow Vineyard

A sheep

A faint rainbow

A rainbow over Spreyton

Harry looks shifty

Fred does some drawing

Fred draws on the dining-room table

Sheep through a rainy window

Fred stumps down an autumn-ey path

A light has been laid over in case of storm

An organically-shaped thatched cottage

An Austin A35 drives through Spreyton

Fred outside the Tom Cobley

We look glumly at the Tom Cobley, which isn't open

The path to Chapel Park

Harry looks cheeky at services outside Birmingham

Fred's got a box on his head

Harry wriggles on a changing table