Paul Bear's Adventures at a 1940s Steam Weekend, Holt, Norfolk - 22nd September 2013

Fred gets the honour of the first weekend with "Paul Bear", the class mascot. The obligation is to document each weekend's activities, so to set the bar high enough we take the bear (plus Fred and the rest) for a day at the Holt 1940s Steam Weekend. We then take a steam train up to Sheringham for some fish and chips on the seafront, an activity which is accompanied by the sweet music of a V12 Merlin engine and the Spitfire it's attached to, which does a little display along the coast. Magic.

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On Saturday, Bear sits in front of a school minibus at Fred's Saturday swimming lesson in Harleston

Fred (as Superman) rides his bike around on the new garage's concrete base

Fred steams around, with cape gently flapping

Fred pauses for a posed photo

Over at Holt, a pair of Routemaster buses

Fred peers out through his somewhat home-made telescope

Harry gets his hair blown

Thronging crowds at Sheringham station

Fred and Paul Bear stand in front of the steam engine

The streets of Sheringham are heaving

A Rolls-Royce Phantom II lurks outisde the Lobster in Sheringham

GIs roam around Sheringham

Isobel and Fred queue up for Fish'n'Chips

Wartime motorbikes cruise through town

An Austin 'Baby' Seven

The admiral checks a card

The Austin Seven is parked up

Down on the seafront, there's a bunch of RAF types and some GIs

A Spitfire does a flypast

The Spitfire flies past

Fish and Chips on the seafront

Fred stands on the sea wall, with his hoodie on

Some dude digs for shellfish on the beach

1930s-ish beach construction

The motorbikes are back

Some 1940s shop workers

The Royal British Legion closing march

A Speech moment

LNER Class B12 8572 at Sheringham

A random collection of cases and furniture in the guard's/parcel van

Inside a Mark 1 carriage

The Sheringham station sign

US Army gear

A couple of home-guard types

Looking out of a carriage

Some jitterbugging on platform 2

Paul Bear sits on a table

Harry leans over

Weyborne station

Passengers on a train

8572 is back at Holt station

Paul Bear, Harry and a train

Paul Bear is an engine driver

A self portrait

An undignified entrance

An old coach picks up passengers for Sheringham

The top deck of a Routemaster bus

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On Saturday, Bear sits in front of a school minibus at Fred's Saturday swimming lesson in Harleston