The BBs set up in front of the fireplace

The BBs set up in front of the fireplace

Max roams around

Henry sets his 'electro' kit up

Watching the service from the back room

We're setting up at the same time as the caterers

Impressive mediaeval windows

Bistro café tables through mediaeval glass

The corridors of HEngrave Hall

The band does some sound-checking

The caterers get ready

The Green Room, which we didn't end up using

Catering in action

A stack of used champagne glasses

Max lurks, like a Labrador waiting for floor-scraps

Jo sits on the subwoofer

Stained glass from 1521

The windows again

The stage is set

Max hangs out

Henry and Rob

The back of Hengrave Hall

A little outhouse

A slight scary-looking scultpure of some monks

Max, Rob and Henry scope out the cheese table

The band hangs around near more food