The 8th Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk - 17th-20th July 2013

It's our fourth outing to local-ish music-and-arts festival Latitude, just up the road near Southwold. It's also the first with the camper van, which makes a huge difference on account of not having to haul a ton of guff a good mile from the car park, and the first with two sprogs (Fred having been solo in 2009 and 2010).

next album: An Interview with Rick Wakeman and Other Stories, Suffolk and Norfolk - 22nd July 2013
previous album: Steph's Wedding and The BBs, Burston, Norfolk - 13th July 2013

Fred, Harry and Isobel survey the camping spot

The awning is up

Harry - Baby Gabey - mills around

Fred goes bug-hunting in the dusk

Isobel, Harry and Fred go for a ride on the swing boats

Fred goes nuts with a bubble machine

The sprog compound

Isobel and Fred play along in the amusing play 'The Golden Cowpat'

The hottest job in Latitude (stone-baked pizza making)

A bunch of children watch bubbles

A thousand bubbles at once

The main 'Obelisk' stage

Harry hangs on to the buggy

To wig or not to wig

Fred's made a little nest

'I am Kloot' on the main stage

John Bramwell and Andy Hargreaves out of I am Kloot

Festival crowds

Taking it easy

Gabes eats noodles in his own inimmitable style

Installation ice-cream van

The teeming hordes

Harry's got his cans on

Contra-jour festival crowds

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Evening food stalls

Coffee bar and a bright green tree

Evening at Latitude

Back in the sprog compound, the helter-skelter is doing a good evening trade

Fire-eaters do their thing

A girl watches the merry-go-round

Laser in the Suffolk skies

The family camping area is more of a VW convention than an actual VW convention

The joys of festival bogs (although the family camping ones are actually not bad)

Fred in the Bewilderwood tent

A bit of bushcraft goes on

inside the helter-skelter

A helter-skelter's-eye view of Latitude

Fred gets face-painted again

Harry - Baby Gabey - has a sleep

Sam and Daisy Lawrence in the band Maglia Rosa Group

More Maglia Rosa action

Daisy tweaks the original 1980s Roland synth

Daisy gets a bit 'Evita'

Fred shows off his face paint

Sam gets to do the fun bit: packing up after the gig

Daisy gets interviewed

Post-gig interview

Steve chats to a fan

Harry roams around in the woods

Peace, maaaan

Harry proves a hit with the girls

Forest artwork

The famous painted sheep of Latitude

Fred on the gallopers

Isobel queues at the bar

Marc Riley favourites 'Everything Everything' on stage

German electro-pioneers Kraftwerk take to the stage

The audience are all wearing 3D specs

More techno from Kraftwerk

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Fred, Harry and Isobel survey the camping spot