Multi-coloured hanging lampshades

Multi-coloured hanging lampshades

Rob scratches his head as he figures out the desk

Henry gets his drums out

Rob looks around

Max gets his bass set up

Henry looks puzzled

Henry's kit

Max looks out from the stage

A wedding cake

Wedding tables

The cake in splendid isolation

Martin repairs a lampshade

Jo and her god-daughter

Isobel chats to Amandines Sue

Henry and Max mess around

Isobel talks to formerly-known-as-Amandines Sue

Steph on the dancefloor

Will and Steph do the first dance

More first dancing

Jo joins in

A wedding photo

Jo gets really in to it

Paz plays guitar

Another musical act

Isobel and Wilma

Another musical guest

A bit of singing

Backstage, as the DJ hangs around

Guests out on the field

Max roams around by The Van

Henry, Martin and Max talk about stuff

Henry, Martin, Max and Steph

A small boy runs past and leaps in to the air

Wedding dancing

Henry, Max and Rob

A VW campervan does fancy dress

Jo presents the band with a cake each

Some dude gets a bit carried away

Steph talks to Isobel and the band

More dancing

Wedding conversation

Outside throngs

Some amusing faces

A small boy keeps dancing with just one arm

More mosh-pit action

The morning after

The cheeseboard has been properly demolished

A stack of washing up

Isobel waits in the van