A Cliff House Camping Trip, Dunwich, Suffolk - 30th June 2013

There's a quick draw from a hat to decide between three potential camp sites for a weekend visit, from which Cliff House in Dunwich emerges as the winner. So, Isobel, Nosher, The Boys and The Van (plus a new-to-us trailer courtesy of Grandad at the auction) pitch up to find Rachel and the Mikey P Massive already installed.

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Billy the Lab looks a bit glum

The brand-new van awning gets its first airing

The Van and its new awning

Harry and Fred play Lego

The older sprogs roll around in the pop-up tent and nearly manage to get it to tip over

Walking through the woods on the way to Dunwich

Harry and Isobel in the woods

Fred picks up a particularly large stick

Alien invader: Rhododendron

A nice Dunwich house

Walking on towards Dunwich

A cluster of Foxgloves

Fred and Rosie find a pre-made den

The ruins of Dunwich Abbey

Time for Fish 'n' Chips down at the café at Dunwich

Grace and Fred explore boats on the beach

An old fishing boat on Dunwich beach

There's some kind of grass hula-skirt thing going on on the beach

Harry gets flung in the air

Isobel and Harry in the wind

Fred and the waves and the sand

Billy chews a stick

Mikey and Jack

Mikey and Nosher take the buggies and score a swift pint in the Dunwich Ship, as the others walk back to the campsite via the beach

Fred's Livin' in a box. Livin' in a cardboard box

on our Sunday visit to the beach, Billy goes for a swim and lurches out of the foam

Fred goes 'fishing' with a crabbing string

The beach group

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Billy the Lab looks a bit glum