Thrandeston Pig Roast and Tractors, Thrandeston Little Green, Suffolk - 23rd June 2013

It's the annual pig-roasting thrash down on Thrandeston's Little Green. The weather's doing its traditional British Summer thing by being cold enough for coats and lashing rain periodically in short, but intense, bursts. The pig, bred in the farmhouse behind which it's being served, is excellent as usual, and for the second year there's a visit from a steam traction engine and Andrew's "tractor massive".

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Nosher takes Baby Gabey for a ride on the lawnmower

Fred has a spin too

Harry and Fred mess around with ear muffs

A blanket of daisies

Harry eats something

After the Peacocks sports day, Harry and Fred play on the tyres at Palgrave community field

Harry on a paint-spattered skate ramp

It's just not cricket

Max out of the BBs outside the Cock Inn on Fair Green

Crepuscular rays over Fair Green

A traction engine trundles on to the green. Grandad goes for a scope

Oliver - the traction engine - parks up

Bill - the world's biggest 12-year-old - plays with the sprogs

A 'Super Dexta' tractor

A Ferguson 35 with a very gold engine block

Harry sits on a Massey-Ferguson Industrial 35X

Fred has a go on the bright yellow tractor

A ton of tractors are parked up on the green

Carmen and Harry

Rain lashes down during one of the various showers

A small dog perches on the wheels of the traction engine

Harry and Carmen again

Charlie Bird holds the line in the tug-of-war

Fred and Matthew pull on a rope

Tug of war action

More tug o' war

The ladies line up for a pull

Some intense tugging action

The engine driver lines up for a spot of 'tug 12 tons of traction engine' action

Another go from the sprogs

Isobel and Harry

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Nosher takes Baby Gabey for a ride on the lawnmower