Italian Weddings, Saracens and Swimming Pools, Arezzo, Tuscany - 12th June 2013

More continuing ramblings from a week in Italy as we happen upon an Italian wedding, do a bit of arctic swimming in the pool and witness a practice for a forthcoming festival to do with Saracens. This involves lots of lound drumming and trumpet playing. Finally, we rediscover the joys of Limoncello.

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It's poppy season in Tuscany

The washing-line art installation is still flapping in the breeze

Fred does 'earwig face' as Harry does a good impression of the pope blessing a crowd

An Italian wedding occurs in the square

The bride arrived in this lovely old Citroën

More washing hangs out in Arezzo's main square

Fred and the crowds mill around on the Corso Italia

Harry gets his own tee-shirt

Fred legs it from a sharp rain shower

Drops of rain on a swimming pool

Fred on the steps of the big church in Arezzo

It's time for dinner at Ciao Trattoria. Gabes looks around for food

Pavement tables at Ciao restaurant

Five people sat on a wall

Night-time Arezzo street scene

On the way back, we bump in to a bunch of 'knights' practising for an upcoming Saracens festival

There's much loud drumming in the square

Drums and trumpets

The drummers march off

Fred and Isobel just off the escalators

The next day, Harry - Baby Gabey - is in Ipercoop to score more food to eat

The perennial fascination with whole hanging proscuitto hams

Fred with Isobel's sunglasses

A photo of Nosher's new shades, for some reason

Harry with Fred's cap on

Our nice, but very cold, swimming pool

Ahh, the rustic joys of Limoncello time

Isobel checks her pooPhone

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It's poppy season in Tuscany