A Tuscan Winery and a Trip to Siena, Tuscany, Italy - 10th June 2013

Whilst walking down the track up to Tenuta Il Palazzo, Isobel spots that a large, but unassuming, building actually contains an impressive modern winery. We're invitied in to take a tour, which passes an interesting hour or so. Then, the next day, we do a day trip to Siena and hang out in the famous Piazza del Campo and visit the also-famous stripey cathedral - the Duomo di Siena.

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Harry and Isobel roam around

Another view of the vineyards and a Tuscan village in the hills

Harry sticks his hands in the air as Isobel and Fred look for ants

There are hundreds of tiny toadlets hopping around on the drive

The unexpected discovery of an entire modern winery in Il Palazzo's Cantina takes us by surprise

We do a tour of the winery, including this mobile bottling line

Fred stands next to some huge magnum or jeroboam bottles of wine

The tour guides explain more stuff, surrounded by 150,000 litre fermentation tanks

Fred and Harry mess about

Fred and his best 'beastie Boys' look

Harry - Baby Gabey

Next morning, Fred's on watermelon for 'breakferast'

A couple of dudes do a spot of welding

The Duomo as seen from the main piazza

Isobel and Fred eat more gelato

Café culture in Siena

Isobel and Gabes walk around the main square

A dramatic fish-eye view of the Piazza del Campo

Isobel embarks on a leather-goods shopping spree

A rather grand Telecom Italia phone kiosk

The very-stripey Duomo di Siena

Fred and a wall

The stunning, if completely over-the-top, interior of the Duomo di Siena

Fred starts drawing some of the Romans or Etruscans depicted on the marble sgraffiti

Looking up at the underside of the dome

Another view of the stripey nave and the impressive marble floors

Isobel hangs around as Fred draws

The over-wrought gothic façade of the cathedral

Fred stands next to a giant pizza

Phone kiosks still seem to be big in Siena

Fred and a wall of posters

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Harry and Isobel roam around