Arezzo and the Sagra del Maccherone Festival, Battifolle, Tuscany - 9th June 2013

On the first proper day of our return to Tenuta Il Palazzio, just outside Arezzo in Tuscany, Isobel meets up with former university chum Stefano, with whom we generally hang out for a bit and have lunch (and a session exploring the expansive cellars) in the family house in Arezzo's old quarter. That evening, Stefano takes us over to the Polisportiva Battifolle for the culmination of the 33rd "Sagra Del Maccherone" - a festival apparently celebrating wide pasta ribbons. At first sight, the scene looks like some sort of Sunday car boot sale and the location of the eating a bit like an army Naafi hut, but the maccherone (not to be mistaken with macaroni tubes) in combination with a traditional meat ragu proves to be very tasty.

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Fred and Harry eat some prawn crackers at Stansted Airport

The snowy Alps

A million beach bars and parasols on Pisa's beach

Big ships in Pisa harbour

A butterfly on Nosher's finger

Stefano and family come over to visit for the day

A giant ant hauls off a victim

Arezzo park café

Suburban Arezzo's bins

Round Stefano's family pad, a lunch spread is served

Fred plays around with something

An overgrown garden

Down in the cellars, a load of old wine bottles lurk

More old bottles in wicker, and what look like 1960s Coke and Fanta bottles

Old bird cages

A cellar's-eye view of the garden

Isobel pushes Harry up the street

'Hello Moto' graffiti from around 2006 or something

This football pitch is perhaps not quite match ready

This photo belies the ridiculously steep pitch between the two bits of road (although many scars from cars going too fast can be seen)

Fred looks up at the 'washing line' art installation

Another installation on the Corso Italia in Arezzo

Everyone eats gelato on the Corso Italia

Passers-by inspect the pile of books

Fred gets a stone in his shoe

More installation: 'Art has no sex'

Fred hangs out with Sofia

Italian graffiti

A nice old-fashioned tabacco shop

Harry - Baby Gabey - and Isobel

Stefano, Harry and Isobel

Fred and Sofia hang out like teenagers in front of a book shop

Some more art installation: coffins and trees

Fred inspects an old door

A view of part of Tenuta Il Palazzo's 500 hectares of vineyard

We queue up to file our menu request at the Sagre del Maccherone festival

Stefano steps up to pay

Isobel and Harry wait for food

Harry gets stuck in to some antipasti

A gang of noisy teenagers celebrate

A packed room of diners

Outside, an original Fiat Cinquecento

The 'restaurant'-cum-shed

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Fred and Harry eat some prawn crackers at Stansted Airport