A Bressingham Day and Music at the Cock Inn, Diss, Norfolk - 18th May 2013

It's another day out at nearby Bressingham Steam Museum, this time with Janet, James and Kaine from Cambridge. Then, Rob and Jo out of The BBs play their funky acoustic duo set at the Cock Inn on Fair Green in Diss, on the first genuinely warm spring evening this year.

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James gets a surprise from the 'chicken' he's riding on

Janet and Kaine spin round on the gallopers

Kaine and Fred

Time for lunch in the café

James looks at a train

Another huge steam train

Kaine looks out of the diesel shunter 'Mavis'

A big pile of tiny narrow-guage railway track

A Burrell traction engine: 'Proper Job'

A red cog and some green weeds

Fred's on a motorobike

Fred looks at 'the claw'

Fred models the new Dracula teeth that were won from The Claw

The 'Garden Express' trundles off

Isobel and Baby Gabey on the train

A sad-looking wooden horse

Fred really gets in to the 'Harley Davidson' look

Kaine and Fred share a ride

Isobel and Janet in the games machine museum

An 'Aladdin's Cave' of a shed - with railway tracks!

The painted roof of the Gallopers

Kaine and Janet have another go on the gallopers

A blur of lights and wooden horses

James and Isobel roam the gardens

Fred sticks his head over the top of the bridge

In Bressingham Gardens

Fred on a bench

Fred rolls down a hill

An old Field Marshall tractor and a house on wheels

Back at the house, Emily and Mel come over to visit the boys

Harry trundles around on his trundle truck

Harry, Emily, Fred and Mel in the garden

Isobel cooks up the first Paella in her new paellera

Fred warily checks out the cooking

Grandad in the Cock Inn

Grandad and Harry

Fred busts some cool moves to Jo and Rob

Jo and Rob do their thing

In the Cock Inn

Jo and Rob discuss the next number

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James gets a surprise from the 'chicken' he's riding on