Demolishing The Eye Scout Hut, Eye, Suffolk - 11th May 2013

The Eye Scout Hut - a pre-fab built in the Silver Jubilee year of 1977 and with an intended lifespan of ten years - has definitely reached the end of the road, some 25 years after it probably should have been replaced. Despite being in use until recently, it looks in about as good condition as some of the unrestored 1940s huts at Bletchley Park, which is to say it's pretty decrepit. Anyway, after several years of fund raising, there's enough cash in the kitty to build a suitable replacement. So to make an event of it, the "decomissioning" of the hut is marked with a mini Fete, and some token demolition takes place as a queue forms in order to smash up a store room and knock down a bit of breezeblock wall.

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Grandad's tulips are looking great in the garden

A nice 'raspberry ripple' tulip

Isobel takes a break

Strange things are afoot in Fred's 'little world'

A study in anachronism: dinosaurs and an Imperial Storm Trooper on horseback

Another of Fred's Lego creations

In the midst of death there is life: just a little further down the road, some new building takes place whilst the hut awaits its demolition.

The virtually-derelict interior of the Scout hut

The store room

The hut's corridor

Milling around

A small paper model of the replacement building is on display

Guv's dad videos an interview

A metal shelf is carried out

Andy P gets some water in the un-fitted kitchen

The bogs

Andy carries a bowl of water out

The front of the hut

Mini Scout Fete

Andy P gets the 'local news' treatment

A queue of children lines up to get a go at knocking something down

A boy fans the bonfire

The queue gets longer as one boy leaves with some booty - a smashed drawer

The toilet is vacant

The internal door finally comes off after a lot of smashing

The door is hurled on the bonfire

The two lads are proud of their fire

An opportunist makes off with the guttering

The damage is surveyed

The fire gets a bit out of control

The remains of the store room

A small pile of debris

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Grandad's tulips are looking great in the garden