March Miscellany and an Easter Visit from Da Gorls, Suffolk - 2nd April 2013

Evelyn And "The Wheeze" come over from Monkstown, near Dublin, to visit Fred and Harry for Easter. Prior, as post that event, there's some other March and April randomness.

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Fred, Harry and Isobel play in the lounge

Caught: Harry - Baby Gabey - eats a cup-cake

The inscrutable invisible cat - Millie - sits on the stairs

Harry looks over

In the kitchen, there's some cake decorating going on

Even Nosher does a spot of cake decorating

Fred piles as much stuff as he can on to his cake

A nice collection of cup cakes

A study of cake

Milling around outside Thrandeston church

A tractor trundles down the road, as Isobel's hair explodes

The church of St. Mary Antioch, Thrandeston

Harry crawls around on the floor of The Swan

Louise slurps some ale

Harry tries his hand at pulling a pint

Alan shows how it's done

Evelyn helps Fred pull a pint

A sheep creche

Sheep graze near Grandad's house

The girls watch sheep near the Big Giant Head

Whirls and nodules on an oak tree stump

Louise roams about

Twisty pipes, seen from the train just Outside Manningtree

The Manningtree deriliction clear-up continues

A shell of an office building

At Ipswich, a couple of ancient (built in the 1960s) class 86 locos

The BSCC bike club marks its first outing of the year at the Yaxley Cherry Tree

Pump-head labels in the Yaxley Cherry Tree

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Fred, Harry and Isobel play in the lounge