Harry Eats, and a Little London Randomness, Suffolk and London - 12th February 2013

Fred makes some more Lego, Cat stares out of the window and Harry eats. Meanwhile, down in London on the way to work, the graffiti which had been obliterated along the trackside by a new coat of brown paint, in preparation for 2012's Olympic games, is slowly making a come-back, with what seem to be new kids on the block doing the tagging.

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Fred peers out of the window

Harry trundles around with Fred's pirate hat on

Cat (Millie the Mooch) is just two green eyes floating in a cat-shaped hole in the light

Harry gets stuck in to a waffle at the Waffle House on St. Giles in Norwich

The red-painted concrete of St. Giles car park, Norwich

Harry - who doesn't even have any teeth yet - takes baby-led weaning to new extremes as he gnaws on a chicken leg

Fred does his best fake smile as he shows off another Lego creation

Harry - Baby Gabey - makes a grab for the camera

New graffiti on a railway bridge

A dreary-looking City of London, as seen from near Bethnal Green

The flags of nations, hauled up for the Olympics, look incongruously bright on a gloomy warehouse

She was only a welder's daughter, but she had acetylene tits. Flatiron Yard, Southwark

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Fred peers out of the window