Rob roams around as the band sets up

Rob roams around as the band sets up

Max looks out from the stage

A view of the room from the stage

Max takes a photo

Nosher's microphone

A lighting gantry on the ceiling

Rob twiddles knobs

Henry looks a bit glum behind his kit

Jo looks out

The tables are all set up

Max and his five-string bass

Max at the bottom of the steps to the Green Room

Max on the stairs

Rob, Henry and Max

Rob looks for somewhere to hang his gear

Rob pretends that some tea is cocaine

Jo gets a tenner out to roll up

Rob's 'gear' on the sink

Part of the fabric of the Cornhall is apparent

A view down the staircase

Rob does some texting

Henry warms up on practice pads

Rob kicks the door

Henry in the Green Room

Max guards the stairs

Rob has a slurp

Max and Rob share a joke

Rob's Telecaster waits for action