A Pre-Christmas Dinner, Monkstown, Dublin - 16th December 2012

There's a sort-of mini Christmas dinner around Evelyn and Louise's gaff, without about three hundred people crammed around the table. The night before, though, there's a quieter affair as we try out a bit of a fondue, complete with Gruyere, Emmental and Kirsch.

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Fred plays with his new best favourite game (from last year)

Evelyn takes a photo of the sprogs

It's fondue night. Isobel looks shocked at her cheese string

Louise, Evelyn and Isobel

Noddy comes over to do a spot of 'Karate Kid'

The next day, it's a mini Christmas dinner. Fern and Fred have their own table.

A thousand people around the table

Annalua and Harry in their high-chairs

Dinner conversation

A santa on a cracker

The kitchen scene

Davida looks like she's rising out of the floor

There's something odd going on at Dublin airport as a load of aircraft (from different carriers) are parked up on the far taxiway

Our towing tug drives off

There's a big queue for take-offs. We're parked behind an 'Air Fungus' 737

Another aircraft streaks by below us

Strange mounds (bottom, centre) in the fields of (maybe) Essex

The oddness of parked aircraft is repeated at Stansted - this time they are all Ryanair. It's very perculiar as Ryanair's business model relies on having its planes in the air

Isobel and The Boys exit the plane

At Stansted, a thousand luggage trolleys

Isobel, Harry and Fred outside Stansted terminal

Norman Foster's terminal building: steel tubes and glass

Harry on the bus back to the car park

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Fred plays with his new best favourite game (from last year)