A Night on the Lash, Dublin, Ireland - 14th December 2012

Evelyn and "Da Wheeze" offer to babysit, so Nosher and Isobel get the bus from Monkstown in to town for a mini pub crawl of three of Dublin's boozers: The Dawson Lounge (which claims to be Dublin's smallest), The Bar Bruxelles and - over in Smithfield - The Cobblestone, for a spot of real authentic Irish "trad" music.

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Harry rolls around on the floor as Fred checks a new dinosaur book out

The bar of the Dawson Lounge

Brightly-lit Benetton store in Dublin

Christmas lights on Grafton Street

A statue of Phil Lynott, outside Bruxelles

The packed bar in Bruxelles

Even the side streets have Christmas lighting

A big Christmas tree in some museum

A couple of Gardai on horseback 'kettle' a drunk in Temple Bar

The horses wander off to look for more action in Temple Bar

A scene on th Liffey

As we walk over to Smithfield, Dublin gets a little rougher around the edges

Amusing street art/graffiti featuring Oompah Loompas

A telecomms cabinet gets the street art/graffiti treatment with some sort of space invaders

Sodium-lit cash and carry

A song in the Cobblestone

The boys play trad

Real Ale Shock! Non-Guinness beer spotted in Dublin bar

The bar of the Cobblestone

More pipe and flute trad playing

Cobblestone street corner

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Harry rolls around on the floor as Fred checks a new dinosaur book out