Moustaches, Beer Fests and a Visit from the Government, Suffolk and London - 30th November 2012

A randomness of a rainy Saturday, the last few hours of the Movember moustache, a night at the Earl of Beaconsfield beer festival in Occold and a visit to work's Southwark offices by Lord Green, the government minister for Trade and Investment.

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Chet shows off a demo to Lord Green as Ben, Jon and Adam look on

More demo action

Joe shows something off

Lord Green gets in for a close-up look

Marc in the Beaconsfield Arms, Occold

The Boy Phil checks the beer list

Marc waves his hands about

The remains of a shredded beer mat

Beer mats and barrels

Streaks of light in a late-night taxi

The Movember tache

Harry - Baby Gabey - in Amandines Café

Harry and Isobel roam around in Norfolk Yard, Diss

Fred, Isobel and Harry outside another casualty of economics - Stead and Simpson

Stead and Simpson on Mere Street in Diss

A rainy Mere Street

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Chet shows off a demo to Lord Green as Ben, Jon and Adam look on