The RSPB Charity Bike Ride, Little Glemham, Suffolk - 5th August 2012

Isobel has been in training for a few weeks for a 35 mile ride around East Suffolk, taking in Glemham, Peasenhall and Leiston, amongst others, before returning to Glemham. Although it's a charity ride, Isobel and some of the cycling "mommies" are mostly doing it for the personal challenge - abilities ranging from cycling across Kenya to barely having been on a bike for the last ten years. Meanwhile, Nosher and The Boys are hanging out in The Van, awaiting the return. Afterwards, we head over to Southwold to find some lunch at the Adnam's kitchen-shop café.

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Kirstie's van is unloaded

An adjustment is made to a troublesome mudguard

Katrina says hello to Harry

A group photo before the Off: Isobel and the gang

At the start of the ride

The starting line - riders head off in batches

Isobel's group go by

Isobel models her 'Bradley Wiggins' stick-on sideburns

Cyclists head off

More bikes stream away from the start

A lone flag flaps about in the breeze

Up at Glemham Hall, an out-house window with an abandoned banana

What look like stables at Glemham Hall

The north end of Glemham Hall

The riders return and show off their certificates

Harry, Isobel and Fred in a converted copper vat at Adnam's kitchen shop café

Lunch in the Adnam's kitchen

Fred gets pointed to: 'This is me at the Adnams Brewery in Southwold'

Fred sits on a 'pirate cannon'

Southwold beach huts

A seahorse and a catfish, made of sand

Fred stomps about on the sand

A walker on the promenade at Southwold

Deliberately blurry blue sky and clouds

Fred and Isobel pretend to be Olympic long-jumpers

In Southwold, a cute little 'Electric Picture Palace'

On the way back in Stradbroke: a moped has bveen decorated in honour of the passing of a riding test

A pause to get a straightforward pic of Stradbroke church

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Kirstie's van is unloaded