The Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridgeshire - 28th July 2012

next album: The RSPB Charity Bike Ride, Little Glemham, Suffolk - 5th August 2012
previous album: TouchType do Bletchley Park, Bletchley, Bedfordshire - 20th July 2012

Isobel and Spammy outside the Saracen's HEad pub in Diss on a Thursday bike ride

Touchtype have a brainstorming meeting on a nice day in Nelson Park, Southwark

More Touchtype milling around in London

The Van is amongst friends in Coldham's Lane campsite

Crowds mill around at the folk festival

Fred eats fesstival fish 'n' chips whilst Harry hides away in his bubble

This year's wicker: a fox head on a female form

Isobel and Fred

Harry comes out for a look around

Evening festival lights

A green-lit tree

Dark skies and an ice-cream van

The next morning, Fred and Harry play about

The derelict Greyhound pub on Coldham's Lane

An odd instruction to passing Masai not to 'sample by spear'

Isobel, Fred and Janet 'n' James in the Kingtson Arms

The bar of the Kingston Arms

Kingston Arms on Kingston Street

Isobel's old manor: Kingston Street

The painted house on Kingston Street

James and Isobel stroll around

Chimney graffiti: previously 'Apocalsype now' (miss-spelled)

Isobel on the railway bridge

Thistles on Coldham's Common

Bridge graffiti

'Prog' graffiti

Just oustide the main festival is the 'People's Front Room' mini-venue

The Unthanks with the legendary Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band

Crowds in the evening sun outside The Den

Noddy and Gilly

One of our favourite bands - the Miserable Rich - do a set at The Den

James de Malplaquet on vocals and Will Calderbank of the Miserable Rich

Fred up a tree

Zoe Ball roams around in the Sky broadscast room

Isobel and Harry trundle back to the van

The band staying in the tents opposite do a sideline in circus skills

Gily and Noddy say their goodbyes as we head off

Noddy does a last-minute spot of ukulele

Over at Caroline and John's in Cambridge, Fred's on a trampoline

Back home, Boris - Stripey Cat - sits on top of the greenhouse

Boris leaps off

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Isobel and Spammy outside the Saracen's HEad pub in Diss on a Thursday bike ride