The Brome Swan Cycling Club Weekend, Thaxted, Essex - 12th May 2012

It's the BSCC's annual weekend away. This time it's a return visit to Thaxted in Essex, last visited in 2008, for a slightly different route but with a stop at the same pub in Finchingfield for lunch. The weather turns out to be pretty ideal for cycling (although a bit chilly at first for Fred who's sitting in his seat on the back of the bike again), especially as it's sandwiched between unseasonal cold and wet.

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Apple mills around

The Boy Phil gets a measuring stick out of his car

Fred gets measured

Fred and The Boy Phil do a spot of jousting in the car park

We get all of half a mile before its spotted that the tandem of Marc and DH has gone the wrong way

Another stop to check on who's where

A derelict building

Fred gets the beers in at a pub in Great Bardfield

Pub beer garden

Fred takes a photo of The Boy Phil's shades

Alan, Jill and Colin head off early

Fred gets some upside-down action

Isobel, Fred and Carmen outside The Fox in Finchingfield

A lovely old 1956 coach rocks up with a day-trip load of Essex geezers

A coach called Katie

Another of Fred's Lego creations

Bill sticks Fred's mittens on to his ears

The coach trundles off through Finchingfield

Apple and Pippa, in his'n'hers matching threads, inspect the duck pond

Colin waves as he heads off

Isobel and Fred in a Fichingfield bus shelter

A very blingy red and yellow motorbike

A yellow field of oilseed rape

Alan and Jill are ready for dinner

Spammy raises a glass

Fred, Paul and Carmen

Night-time bar

Harry and Fred, in bed

Fred opens a hotel firedoor

Fred checks out his 'treasure chest'

Phil, Paul and DH eat breakfast

The wonkiest shed in the world

Bill feeds a horse

DH hangs out with a horse

Fred sits on a windmill's window

Graffiti from 1939-1947

A vast swathe of yellow oilseed rape

DH: Horse Whisperer

Fred stumps off

Rusty iron railings

In Safron Walden - a derelict petrol station, and its tiny cash hut

Mouldy old petrol pumps

A pair of old Jet petrol pumps in Saffron Walden

A broken petrol pump exposes its innards, including flourescent vacuum tubes

A discarded petrol pump face plate, still showing gallons

Derelict petrol pump with its nozzle in place, but no hose to supply it

A big empty garage

Garage artefacts

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Apple mills around