Fred, Harry and Isobel outside Diss Town Council

Fred, Harry and Isobel outside Diss Town Council

Isobel checks that Harry's still in the pram

Fred gets a cuddle

Fred stands on the stairs at Gaze's Estate Agents

Isobel stomps down Pump Hill

Fred gets in the zone on his 'buggy board'

Isobel pushes the buggy around

Blockbuster Video closes down

Amandine Sue says hello to Fred

Amandine's covered yard

A moorhen nests on the Mere

Harry and his car seat

Isobel and Fred bump in to Suey

Fred hangs on to the buggy

Suey walks past Andy Sausage

It's like a crime scene from CSI

Another angle of the bizarre mannequin

Grandad has a cup of coffee

Max and Rob set up in Eye Town Hall

Eye town hall

Max and Rob do leads

Rob on the floor

Henry gets his drum kit sorted

The stage at Eye Town Hall

Jo roams around

Max plugs stuff in

We walk back to the car park

Rob chucks something in the back of Henry's motor

The band walks back from the Chinese take-away

In the Queen's Head, Eye

The band have a drink

Hanging out in the Eye Queen's Head

Nosher's van outside the Eye Town Hall

Jo and Henry outside the Handyman

The band roams around Eye

The band walks up Lowgate Street with food

Rob and Henry in the 'green room' by the bogs

Merlin chats to us

Rob, Max and Henry

Packing down after the gig

The almost-empty room at the end of the night