A SwiftKey Hack Day, Cambridge University Union, Cambridge - 22nd March 2012

Every four weeks, Nosher's employer - SwiftKey (TouchType) - holds a Hack Day, mostly at the Southwark offices in London but now and again it's held in Cambridge which, relatively speaking, is only down the road. Anyway, it's nice to get back in to Cambridge (via the Milton Park and Ride) for a day's hacking around. Later on, Grandad is over helping to sort out the garden. One of the raised beds has a nice surprise on it: a message saying "Hello from Lithuania".

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Eyes down for a spot of software hacking

The hacking room

The languages team hang out

The rooftops of Cambridge

The SwiftKey team

Niki shows off his day's work

Cobbled Cambridge streets

The bikes of Cambridge

Heading to Regent Street on the park'n'ride

Back in Diss, something random is happening with a Bentley

The bump

Grandad builds up some raised beds

'Hello from Lithuania'

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Eyes down for a spot of software hacking