A Trip To Peckham, London - 5th February 2012

Nosher, Isobel and Fred are down in Peckham - not a million miles away from Nosher's TouchType offices on the other side of Southwark - to visit Abbie. Whilst there, we meet up at "The Kernel", a micro brewery under the railway arches, Outside, there are all sorts of market stalls and things going on. Later in the evening, we venture out for pizza, watch the snow as it arrives and have a few beers in the pub over which we're staying for the night. The following day, Abbie is doing the Sunday roast, and Nosher and Noddy head out briefly to source some wine and beer to go with dinner.

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Back o' the railway scene

The owner of the micro brewery (left) talks to us about beer

Fred, Isobel, Abbie and Noddy look at stainless steel

A couple of mash tuns

Noddy gets deep in to beer-related conversation

Fred on a wall

Abbie shows Fred around

Some nice-looking air-dried fish, hanging up

Stacked wheelie bins

The Shard - still on its way to completion

Isobel and Noddy play the pick-up-sticks game

Fred looks up at the big people

Preparing for a trip out

Out and about for pizza

Milling around the streets of Southwark

In 168SLA - nice red Campari and Soda bottles

A waitress passes by in a blur, in the restaurant named after Sophia Loren's Arse

Fred finds himself buried under Abbie

Noddy gets stuck in to his pizza

The snow starts falling

In the Victoria Inn, where Nosher, Isobel and The Boyare staying for the night

Pub scene in the Victoria

Fred likes to maximise his use of bed space

Fred stares out of a window

Isobel points to a neatly ringed pile of dog poo on the pavement

Isobel and Fred walk back to Abbie's

Fred helps make the crumble topping

Market stalls in Peckham

Somewhere in Khan's Bargain Ltd could be a striking 1930s building

The derelict and partly burnt-out Roy's Furnishers

A burnt-out Gregg's the bakers and the space where a lingerie shop was, as torched during the 2011 London riots

Noddy dries up some glasses

It's an apple crumble, with birthday candles for one of Abbie's other guests

Fred helps blow out the candles

We get back home to find the garden under about 12cm of snow

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Back o' the railway scene