Trackside graffiti

Trackside graffiti

Clothes-peg graffiti near Liverpool Street

Type graffiti, and the clothes peg

The train is packed with two loads of passengers

Commuters and day-trippers pile off Nosher's train

The photogenic Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street station

TouchType in the Union Jack on Union Street

More Union Jack action

Ben chats away

Rhodri and James

Alex and David discuss something

Flamenco dancing in Del Aziz

The Flamenco dancers get in the zone

Rhodri, Paul and Thomas

Rhod with a hat on

Jon and Rhodri talk about stuff

The other two TouchType tables

TouchType in most of the restaurant

TouchType takes over Del Aziz

Rhodri and Jon's wife

Rhodri improvises an escape route to the bogs

Doug and Paul