A TouchType Christmas, Southwark, London - 15th December 2011

A week after Isobel's Cambridge-based works do, it's Nosher's turn down in London. The venue couldn't be more of a contrast to the quiet of Christ's College - a busy Turkish place called Del Aziz on the South Bank, not far from the Tate Modern. There's even a bit of Flamenco dancing which Nosher gets roped in to for a while...

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The mild obsession with the documentation of trackside graffiti continues

This tagger has a bit of a thing with 'death'

The curious clothes-peg graffiti near Liverpool Street Station

Commuters ad day-trippers pile off Nosher's train

Liverpool Street Station - one of London's most photogenic railway stations

The TouchType Massive take up the corner of the Union Jack pub on Union Street

Ben chats away

Alex and David discuss something

Flamenco dancing in Del Aziz

The Flamenco dancers get in the zone

Rhodri, Paul and Thomas

Rhod with a hat on

Jon and Rhodri talk about stuff

Isobel and Nosher get pulled in to the Flamenco

The other two TouchType tables

TouchType take over a good half of the ground floor of the restaurant

Rhodri improvises an escape route to the bogs

Back in Diss, a small Santa perches on top of Browne's the Butchers' back door

The back alley behind Brownes

The closed-down Victoria Wines is boarded up, awaiting a new purpose in life

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The mild obsession with the documentation of trackside graffiti continues