The Rotary Club's Christams tree has blown over

The Rotary Club's Christams tree has blown over

Fred sticks a quid in Felix Simpson's guitar case

The Salvation Army on the market place

Isobel and Fred visit Trevor's apple stall

Trevor the Apple has got his juice out again

Trevor's apple juice and the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army plays in the Market Place

Isobel and Fred walk up to Amandines

Sue writes up the day's specials

Grandad eats some cake

Fred speaks to Grandad

Henry's got his kit set up as Rob twiddles knobs

Max has a test twang

Henry in a sea of green light

Henry and Rob

The Park Hotel stage ready to go

Henry, Max and Rob hang out

Isobel and Fred in a lift

Isobel and Fred look at novelty hats

A prancing reindeer over Lloyds Bank

Bin bags outside Café Nero

The wet flagstones of Gentleman's Walk

Some dude roams around outside Lloyds Bank

Fred plays drums in Debenham's knickers department

Isobel gets a bag of sweets from a street stall

Fred and Isobel on Gentleman's Walk

Pret a Manger on the Haymarket

Crowds by the market

Gentleman's Walk, and Norwich Market

A view from the car park

Three churches in one photo