The Annual Norwich Beer Festival Trip, Norwich - 26th October 2011

It's the annual Brome Swan pub trip up to the Norwich Beer Festival, once again getting the train from Diss at 17:05-or-so.

next album: Amelia's Birthday, Brome Village Hall, Suffolk - 29th October 2011
previous album: TouchType at Silverstone, Northamptonshire - 22nd October 2011

There's a bit of milling around at the bottom of the footbridge

Diss Railway Station, and the line stretching away to Norwich

Alan, Benny and Gloria hang around

Benny and Gloria roam around Norwich station

Our accidental single tickets are upgraded to proper returns

Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich, after the rain

Outside St. Andrew's Hall, on St. Benedict's Street

A surprised-looking Pippa

Pippa, Apple and Paul

The assembled crowds in Blackfriars Hall

Hayley Moyses' Bluegrass Forum do their thing

Some crazy dancing

Gloria, Gerry and Benny

Hayley Moyses and the band

Walking back up to the station

Suey gets some chocolate at Norwich station

Milling around on the concourse

Empty ticket barriers

Apple and Pippa board the train

Back on the train

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There's a bit of milling around at the bottom of the footbridge