TouchType hangs out by the food van

TouchType hangs out by the food van

It's time to move

The Jedis are lined up in the pits

Paul waits

Paul in the pits

Action in the pits

Paul sticks his bins on

A bit of team talk

Paul waits in the pits, with engine running

Wide-angle pits view

In the pits

A view from above

The SwiftKey racing car

Caterham Sevens in the workshops

Doug and Ben wait by the 'debris wall'

Hanging out with a camera

Car 99 races around

Daniel Cook races around

The Formula 1 winner's podium

TouchType looks out over the track

Ben surveys the track

The podium end of the Silverstone 'wing'

Ben and Chris watch the action

We walk back to the workshops

Pit-side workshops

The other Jedis come back after the first race

Another returning Jedi

Paul's crashed car back in the tent

The team discuss the damage

Chris and Ben inspect the damage

Paul roams around

The Caterhams are out

Paul and his team-mate poke around in the car

Running repairs

Funky Silverstone urinals

Paul gets ready for the second race

Ready with the fire-proof balaclava

The result of the previous 'off road' session

Chris gets a photo of his toy Tigger

Chris gets a photo

Paul is pushed back to the pits

The winners' cups and fizz for the Caterham class

A Caterham razzes about

The Jedis queue up for the second race

Paul out in the sun

Paul's car - number 42 - races around

The chequered flag

Paul comes in

Another car is towed away

A post-race gathering

Paul explains his collision

The inaugral BRSCC prize-giving bit

A prize is accepted and a speech given

A racing car, and Silverstone in the setting sun

Ben and Paul say their goodbyes

Paul's car is pushed off