Farmers' Markets, Harvest and the Tour of Britain, Suffolk - 17th September 2011

It's a bit of a round-up: firstly, on the 10th September, Isobel is away for a girly "spa" weekend over near Colchester, so it's just Nosher and The Boy. We wander in to town to peruse the farmer's market and get some free cake, sausages and apples. Then, it's harvest-time in the field next to the house. After it's in, Nosher and Fred roam around the stubble field for a bit. Finally, the Tour of Britain steams through the village on the way from Bury St Edmunds to Sandringham. It's the biggest sporting event at the pub since the Norwich Union Mail Coach run of 1996 and is over in minutes as two groups of cyclist pile through. They're followed by a huge stream of backup vehicles, whilst the rozzers keep the A140 closed off - utilising probably every motorbike rozzer from the entire country (at least as far afield as Devon & Cornwall and the Met). It was actually quite impressive, considering how they had to mount this operation on every junction on every road for the entire Tour of Britain...

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Trevor the apple man and his veg stand

Fred's got his chocolate face on, having scored some free cake

Free chocolate cake is handed out as the Big Issue seller looks on

The Mayor of Diss rocks up for a flying visit

More market-place stalls

It's harvest time in the field next to Nosher's gaff

Fred sits on the bench to watch the combine harvester

Fred pokes around with a stick

A combine rumbles around whilst the remaining ears of wheat wave around in the breeze

More wheat and combine action

Fred points the way, and manages to look a bit like a Soviet propaganda poster

Fred on a bale of straw

Meanwhile, the cat has created a new look for Isobel's laptop, by spraying it with rabbit blood

Rachel and Guv hang out by the crossroads to wait for the bike race

The rozzers block the road off

Crowds hang out outside the pub

Relay teams of motorbike rozzers keep the junction closed

An Adnams-sponsored car drives by

Motorbike outriders steam down the B1077, doing a bit more than the posted 30mph

The first peloton appears out of nowhere and nearly run Nosher down

The first group head up the A140

Isobel and Fred, and Jess, Claire, Alan and Paul mill around outside the pub

A motorbike rozzer from the Devon & Cornwall force (about 300 miles away) rides by

The main group of bikes appears

Hardcore lycra cyclists on a mission

More riders in a massed peloton, including (apparently, thanks to Dave B for the tip-off) Mark Cavendish (the second HTC rider)

The big group heads uyp the A140 towards Diss

Support cars from all over Europe stream past

Fred, Isobel and Lydia sit and watch

Chichi watches the children

In the pub, Fred wrestles for bar towels with Alan

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Trevor the apple man and his veg stand