Pippa gets her shades off

Pippa gets her shades off

Sue, DH, Pippa and The Boy Phil at the White Hart

The Sagas wander off to the bar

Alan in the garden of the White Hart, Roydon

Beers all round in Roydon

Suey whispers something to DH

Glassware in a window on Fair Green

The K6 phonebox on Fair Green

TouchType hack in the Cambridge University Union

Ben leans on a wall

More hacking

TouchType staffers hack away

A balloon is prepared

It's hard work getting the balloon to inflate

The passengers mill around

Flaming gas heats up the balloon

The burners are full on

Up, up and away in a balloon

Fred runs around

Rachel and Fred watch the balloon float away

Isobel, Fred, Rachel and Grace wander up the drive

A duck by the Mere

Fair Green, and the Cock Inn

More Fair Green action

Isobel and Kirsty

Isobel checks out a pottery stall

An ice cream van on Fair Green

Anna and Alice have got their ice-cream faces on

Fred sees if he can score some ice cream

Fancy dress at the ice-cream van

On Fair Green

Dan Dan the Meat Man with his prize-winning dog

Fred on a climbing frame

Dan gets a cake

Isobel watches Fred clamber about

Isobel's Ka is up for sale

Isobel, Julie and Cameron in the kitchen

Next morning the car is loaded up

Cameron nearly forgets the sleeping bags

Julie gets out to check the packing situation