Late July Miscellany, Various - 31st July 2011

A round-up of late-July miscellany, plus some older camera-phone photos that had been floating around for a while.

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In the Swan: Sooty's got a crisp-packet hat on

Pudding at the Maison Bleu in Bury St. Edmunds

It's standing-room only on the train back from London

In Devon, Isobel and Fred look at Jensen the tortoise

Grandma J and Fred look at Jensen, who's not doing much

Jensen the tortoise legs it

Fred, Isobel and Grandma J walk down the field in Hoo Meavy, Devon

Exeter Railway Station

Waiting for the train back to London at Exeter Railway Station, 7:15am

At Waterloo Station, Nosher's relatives have left their mark

A duck squares up to Nosher and Fred at the Mere, Diss

in the garden, a spangly fan spins around

In the Oaksmere, Fred and Isobel peer in to the well

Isobel and Fred in the walled garden at the Oaksmere

A lone engine near the aquatics centre at the Stratford Olympics site

The main Olympics atheltics venue, as seen from the train

London graffiti

By the railway line, someone's left the phone out

Everywhere along the line, by Bethnal Green, lie piles of discarded track

Some kind of alien pink octopus graffiti monster

The subterranean lair that is the entrance to Liverpool Street Station

Nosher's train, and the ironwork splendour of Liverpool Street

Marc and Phil queue up for some late-night snack action in Diss

Marc sticks his belly up on the window and cracks a can of fizz

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In the Swan: Sooty's got a crisp-packet hat on